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Step 1: Complete your required real estate education

The Illinois Real Estate Broker Pre-License Course was designed to meet the 75-hour curriculum requirement for real estate brokers as set forth by the State of Illinois.  The course, which is geared toward adult learning, encompasses 60 hours of pre-license topics and 15 hours of broker applied real estate principles.

The course covers topic areas such as Illinois license law, agency, state and federal law, relationships with employing brokers, working with buyers and sellers, real property, fair housing, ownership, contracts, real estate valuation, environmental issues, construction, real estate closing, advertising, property management, and commercial real estate.

Step 2: Pass the Illinois real estate licensing exam

Within two years of completing your pre-license education, register for and take the real estate licensing exam with PSI/AMP (the state exam administrator). It is recommended that you thoroughly review the Illinois Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook before registering.

Step 3: Submit your license application

Illinois brokers work under the sponsorship and supervision of a managing broker, so you will need to ask a managing broker to sponsor your license before you submit your application. Submit your license application and fee to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Click Here to Download the Illinois REALTORS® Pre-License Handbook

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