Home Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling, many homeowners implement upgrades not only to add appeal, but also to ensure better resale value.  However, what some homeowners feel is valuable may deter potential buyers.  Renovate with caution, and keep in mind the following possible turn-offs.

A home that requires too high maintenance or upkeep can become a chore for homeowners.  For this reason alone, many potential buyers are opting to downsize to smaller homes.  In-ground swimming pools are a prime example of a high-maintenance feature with high costs and excess work that makes many buyers leery.

Buyers may not be interested in purchasing the most elaborate house on the block.  That’s because when it comes time for them to sell, the house may be overvalued based on the other homes in the neighborhood.  So while granite countertops and other extravagant details look attractive, homeowners need to ask themselves if the features are too much for the neighborhood, particularly if the other homes are moderately priced and adorned with modest decor.

Buyers may not be able to see themselves in a home that is custom designed with a specific theme (such as Tuscan or floral).  Similarly, many buyers may present a lower offer because they feel the need to remodel the home, which may cause more work than they had intended to invest.

One of the best ways to determine what upgrades are best for your home is to work with a REALTOR®.  Locate a REALTOR® in your area by visiting www.sibrealtors.com.

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